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Hi, I’m Ameena, a New York City-based independent writer and editor who has covered architecture, design, real estate, neighborhoods, transportation, art, food, wellness, and other aspects of culture across NYC.

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September, 2022

Worrell Yeung created a dark-green compound that feels private, despite a busy road nearby.

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September, 2022

Cleanliness can’t be overstated and many home buyers are still uneasy about finger foods or even lingering too long in someone else’s house.

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July, 2022

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Abdul Muir, a 44-year-old broker based in Brooklyn and the founder and principal of Ivey North. Here's his story and his advice for navigating the rental market, as told to writer Ameena Walker.


June, 2022

Jaleesa Franco has been affectionately dubbed the “flower girl” after single-handedly planting thousands of daffodils and tulips

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June, 2022

Here are some fundamental design tips to keep in mind while showing off your creativity

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June, 2022

It was a warm late spring day in Clason Point on June 11, 1922, when 75 mile per hour storm winds toppled a 100-foot ferris wheel, ripping the structure from its supports and tossing it onto the beach ten feet below its base. The freak accident killed eight and injured more than two dozen.

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June, 2022

Located along the East River, the neighborhood offers architecturally stunning homes with convenience and stunning outdoor spaces.

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May, 2022

Each year, millions of barrels are shipped from NYC to the Caribbean. Here's why, how, and the economics behind it.

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February, 2022

Netflix aired its new original docu-series, “Made by Design,” highlighting the works of 13 African creatives.


January, 2022

The Ugandan architecture and design collaborative highlights the significance of honoring local materials while creating beautiful, functioning buildings.

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“Creation is everything you do. Make something.”

Ntozake Shange

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