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Hi, I’m Ameena, a New York City-based independent writer and editor who has covered architecture, design, real estate, neighborhoods, transportation, art, food, wellness, and other aspects of culture across NYC.

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January, 2024

After DIYing seven rentals on their own Atlanta property, Darrel and Patrice Maxam debuted their largest project to date: a series of cabins a wooded New York plot with deep familial significance.

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January, 2024

Buying a home is one of life’s big milestones and can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming, especially in New York City. From determining your budget to deciding which type of home is best for your needs, there’s a lot to consider when gearing up to purchase your first home.

Rick Cook house.jpg

January, 2024

A ’70s residence in upstate New York by Charles P. Winter gave Cook and his wife the perfect starting point for a sensitive 20-year renovation.

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January, 2024

Thoughtful curations, proper lighting and some restraint keep can inherently busy interiors  in check.

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November, 2023

One High Line developer Alex Witkoff talks about the neighborhood’s success and how its definition of luxury sets it apart in Manhattan.

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June, 2023

Jennifer and Kenard Bunkley brave resident wildlife and the soaring cost of plywood as they demolish and rebuild their vacation home in upstate New York.

Superfund Site story NYRA.jpeg

May, 2023

Rising sea levels and new weather phenomena portend an uncertain future for New York City’s Superfund Sites.


March, 2023

New York is undoubtedly a restaurant city. In a place where most people live in small apartments with even tinier kitchens, the best restaurants aren’t just a convenience—they stand in for New Yorkers’ living rooms and backyards, giving residents spaces to gather outside their homes.

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January, 2023

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Abdul Muid, a Brooklyn-based broker and the founder and principal of the real-estate firm Ivey North, about his experience with the current real-estate market.

Used barrels St Martin.JPG

May, 2022

Each year, millions of barrels are shipped from NYC to the Caribbean. Here's why, how, and the economics behind it.

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